A Simple Question

I recently joined twitter.com after months of hearing its silly name again and again over on the news, talk shows and through different people around.

I’m not big into internet social networks. I only use google + and facebook mostly to stay
in touch with friends and family, but also increase the exposure of the things I enjoy doing like photography and video production.Twitter seems to be so simple compared to those others. But after a few times of
logging in and finding there’s not much to the website, I finally came realize the power of its simplicity and the central question they encourage you to answer: What Are You Doing?

Though it may seem a very trivial question at first, the truth is that the answer says a lot about a person. It makes you wonder if you are doing what you should be doing, or the best you can be doing. Because of it, this simple question can make you think deeply, get off your butt and open the door to your true potential.

I invite you to ask yourself that question, just as they do in all the main social networks. If possible do it a few times every day. Through self-motivation it can get you started
in something truly important you never thought of. Or maybe you did, but never took action to actually turn it into a reality. In my case, it inspired me to start this blog, which I will continue to update every week with topics I consider important or at least interesting
enough to share with people I care about.

Why do it?
So next time someone asks: “What Are You Doing?” You can be proud of your answer and make sure you are doing something worth-while, like: Learning, Creating, Growing, Expanding, Evolving, Inspiring Yourself And Others. Being Relevant.

After months of wondering what was the big deal with this new social network phenomena with such an incredibly silly-sounding name, I think I have found the answer.