My Secret For Success: Create With Passion!

The Secret For Success: Creating With Passion.

For more than 25 years of working on all types of projects, from television commercials to major feature film productions and everything in between, there’s one thing that has been at the center of anything I have created: Passion.

Passion is the fuel that makes us want to go beyond our limits, to explore new possibilities, to try to be the best at anything we do. It is what has brought to me great clients and projects that have taken me to amazing places around the US, Europe and Central America doing what I love to do while working with really nice people.

One of my most recent production projects and the magic of passion has brought another very special person into my life experience. Walter Mercado is known around the world by millions of people who have loved him and followed him for more than 50 years. He has done many things in his life but is probably better known for being the most famous astrologer in the Latin world. That’s how I had known about him for the last 25 years, until recently when I had the privilege to meet him in person during the production of and Linea Cautivadora, a dating website and line of personal care products that bare the name of Walter Mercado.

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Andrew DeCarlo Studios was responsible for creating the look for, Linea Cautivadora and the re-branding of Walter Mercado who had been out of the public eye for the last five years due personal reasons. All of it appeared recently in national and international television when the largest Latin TV networks did a series of interviews for a group of major news programs in Univision and Telemundo: El Gordo Y La Flaca, Al Rojo Vivo, Primer Impacto, Sal Y Pimienta and CNN Cala to name a few.

Andrew DeCarlo Studios was hired to shoot a series of introduction videos and behind the scenes material for this launch in both: Puerto Rico and Miami. During production I had the opportunity to have brief conversations with Walter Mercado and learn more about what’s behind his public image. I realized he is an extraordinary human being who has certainly lived a life of passion and at the same time has touched the lives of millions of people while staying humble. He is extremely educated and has a gift to make everyone feel part of his inner circle. He is also surrounded by a wonderful group of close family members and collaborators who also share the amazing qualities Walter Mercado has as a person.

Andrew DeCarlo Studios Working With Walter Mercado

With Walter Mercado During Production

Walter Mercado’s main home in Puerto Rico is full of history and items that show how his own passion for life and what he does has taken him to all corners of the world where he’s built relationships with presidents, musicians, spiritual leaders, and a massive array of international celebrities who love him and keep him as an important part of their lives. During the launch of in Miami I was able to see how people in the media were so excited about Walter Mercado’s come back and the opportunity to meet with him for a few moments. Andrew DeCarlo Studios was there to shoot documentary material about this special moment in his career when he’s getting re-connected with millions of fans around the world.

During his multiple interviews and a photo session with People Magazine he showed no sign of slowing down and how his own love for being who he is keeps him young and still relevant in the lives of so many people after more than five decades of a successful career that went from acting, singing and dancing to becoming a world-renowned spiritual guide.

Andrew DeCarlo With Walter Mercado

Going Over Production Notes With The Team

From this experience I learned the importance of keeping the passion no matter how long we are here, but also how the passion is fueled by re-inventing yourself and staying relevant in the lives of others, either through personal relationships or the work that you do through your business. Self-reinvention is an important part of a rich life experience. Many people are afraid to change their name of their career or their image because of what others may think. From personal experience I can say that it is one of the best decisions anybody can make, and something that certainly needs to be done a few times in life. Any brand or entity that lasts periodically re-invents itself. There’s no life in being the same all the time, and there’s no life where passion is absent.

Passion is what created the name Andrew DeCarlo and the business Andrew DeCarlo Studios and what drives me personally and in business to try many different things and help different types of clients. Specially those who are just at the beginning of a new transition. I have a passion for being part of transformation and creating something new. All clients I work with are in the middle or the beginning of that process and the excitement of it fuels my life and the life of my business.

For more than twelve years, Andrew DeCarlo Studios has helped small start-ups  and well-established companies to strengthen or redesign their branding using creative strategies designed to fit their specific needs and help them with growth and expansion. That is what we do best.

To learn more about how Andrew DeCarlo Studios can help your business grow, get ready for success or launch a new product or service visit: or call 818.925.4715 to setup a free consultation.

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