It amazes me how many small business owners and young professionals I’ve met have great things to offer but don’t present themselves in a way that reflects their true potential. At the same time, I hear them asking: How do you increase my sales? Or, how do I make more money? The answer I always give to people is: Be A Superstar! That means: make yourself feel and act like you are the best in your field and build a strong image around you. If clients don’t believe you have something special, why would they want to work with you? Building a high-level perception of you and what you do isn’t that hard but it takes a few steps.

I’ve met individuals who have a successful career and no talent. They just have the “attitude”. They’re good at talking and making people believe they’re great. Some actually go pretty far. I also see many who are very talented but too shy to make themselves visible and never get anywhere. Don’t let that happen to you!

So, how do you create the image of a “Superstar” to increase sales and make your business grow? There’s not a single action that makes it all happen. It’s a combination of them. The first four are pretty much universal and they apply to any economic condition. The last point describes a relatively new trend that may change with technology but will probably be effective for a few more years:

1. MAKE THEM FEEL YOU. When meeting potential clients face to face or just over the phone you will create the best impression by showing true excitement and making people feel you as you talk about your product or service. Passion transcends your physical presence. Keep that in mind next time you get a phone call from someone asking for your services or you’re writing about your company. Also, learn how to use the language, specially if you are from a foreign country. Great leaders know how to use the communicate better than most people. If you sound educated it shows you’re smarter than the average person and puts you in a better position to do business.

2. OWN IT! In the current economy many are competing for the same jobs and bidding to get the same projects. I suggest to at least try to look the part and act like you are the best thing in the world. When attending a networking event where you may find new clients, be aware that people pay attention to more details than you think. The fact is that you send signals with what you wear and the way you carry yourself. Those signals can make a difference between people wanting to work with you or someone else. Read about body language and how to use it in business. Join a public speaking group in your area. It will help you increase your level of confidence and how you sell yourself or an idea you have to a client.

3. CHOOSE THE RIGHT NAME AND LOGO FOR YOUR COMPANY. The logo and the name of your company do not replace the quality of your product or service, but are an important part of your entire image and need to be consistent with they type of work you do. It’s not a coincidence that brands like: Coca Cola, Apple, AT&T, Nike, Google, Facebook and others of that scale have names and symbols that are hard to miss. There’s a science behind it. Many small business owners try to do it themselves to save money without realizing they could be hurting their chances if they don’t really know what they’re doing. It is definitely possible to create a simple design and come up with a name that just gets you started. But if you want to get noticed, you need to work a little harder and create something that will really stay in people’s minds. Hiring a design firm may represent an additional business expense, but if you know where to look you can find a professional that won’t cost a fortune. Having a clever company name and a good logo design can definitely help increase your sales.

4. YOUR BUSINESS CARDS AND YOUR WEBSITE. Your website and business card are an essential part of your image. When done right, they can make you look like solid business entity. If you don’t have either one of them you can’t be taken seriously. Please, do not print your own business cards in your home printer. Even thought they’ve gotten a lot better than they used to be, they still look cheap and don’t create a good first impression. There are also tons of templates and ready-to-use designs you can get online to create a nice website and a descent business card. But you should know there are ways to customize them, make them really unique and keep them from looking like something 1000 other people may already be have. If you want to be a “Superstar”, everything that represents you and your business needs to reflect that image. Many new customers may have their first contact with you by looking at your website or your business card because they got them through someone else, so they better look really good.

5. CORPORATE HEADSHOTS AND PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY. A great shot of you or your product on your website, your company brochures and your business cards will help people remember you and what you’re selling. High quality photography will also create a much better perception of your product or service. It puts you in a different level because most companies don’t invest in the production of good marketing material. A great photo can make you, your company or your product look like a celebrity, and people in general are attracted to celebrities. Why not become one?

6. CREATE A GREAT BLOG AND A VIDEO CHANNEL. There’s no better way to make yourself visible online these days than to have a series of written articles and videos posted on all major tube sites. In a blog you can talk about your company and topics that educate people about the product or service you offer. With the right content, search engines will bring you out of the darkness and put you in font of thousands of potential customers on the internet. I really believe in the power of meeting new people in person, but the web cannot be ignored as a way to help build your customer base and increase your income. Online Video Marketing has become an art form in itself. It’s not about just recording yourself with a webcam and uploading a lot of low-quality videos on Youtube. There are specific techniques and particular ways of releasing them that will make them truly effective. There are also lots of websites where you should display your content, not just one. Uploading bunch of poorly produced clips with no relevant information and without carefully written tags and descriptions won’t do you any good.

There are many articles and videos online about how to create a great blog. It is worth spending time to do the research. Some people have the ability to learn and do a descent job on their own but as an owner it’s hard to find the time to run the business and produce your marketing material. It’s always better to hire someone that knows how to do it so you can get results and focus on managing the company.

I hope you find these ideas useful. I have been applying them and getting excellent results for the last few years. It may seem difficult to make a sudden change and start doing all of it at the same time. However I encourage you to begin with whatever you can handle and see how you start growing not only as a business but more importantly as a person.

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