Andrew DeCarlo Studios Creates iVeyo Ad Campaign

Andrew DeCarlo Studios Creates iVeyo Ad Campaign

Andrew DeCarlo Studios just wrapped production on the first of a series of television commercials and print advertising for iVeyo, a new Sports Watch designed for highly active people and sports athletes. The commercial is part of  iVeyo’s initial advertising campaign in the United States and international markets that will first launch in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The iVeyo is also referred to as a “watch phone”, which creates a limited vision of what it really is. It is not just a watch and definitely not just a cel phone. It has multiple capabilities that go beyond making calls, including: texting, playing music, taking pictures, shooting video and watching movies, among others.

Besides the fact that it is worn on your wrist like a watch, the iVeyo is extremely compact and comes in a variety of slick designs for men and women.

Andrew DeCarlo Studios’ first contact with the iVeyo was during a shoot directed by John Koop from Arizona Virtual Studios, in Phoenix. During production we were asked to photograph a few models wearing the phone in different sports outfits.

It was immediately clear the potential of this product and its target market. A phone you can use anywhere, any time. Something that athletes and highly active people can take advantage of while training or just during their regular busy life. A communication and entertainment device that essentially becomes part of their body and eliminates the fear loosing it while hiking, dropping it on the ground or leaving it in a restaurant table after lunch. Do you know people who have dropped their $500 phones in the toilette? Not likely to happen with the iVeyo.

Later that week, while doing digital retouching on product shots I took in my own studio, I felt compelled to capture the essence of the device with a new logo design. As a Creative Director it is something hard for me to control. A logo is the one single graphic that is meant to represent what a brand name and its mother company are all about. It needs to be easy to remember and to identify. I saw an opportunity to do something special with it and after a few hours of design work it came to me. I felt good about it so I immediately sent it to Marq Eastman, head of iVeyo.

During the presentation of the logo, Marq explained with much passion all the advantages the iVeyo offered and his vision of the company. I saw the potential to treat it as a High Level Brand, and put it up there with all the well-established international names like Nike, Apple or AT&T. It only took a few more words from Eastman for me to suggest the slogan Be Active, Be Free. That’s what the iVeyo is about. It is not about selling a phone, a music player or just another piece of technology that comes and goes away with the season. The iVeyo represents a Lifestyle that all people on Earth can identify with.

Because of our of understanding about the product and where it’s going, Andrew DeCarlo Studios has been able to make a connection with the client, the device and what we are all looking to achieve. We’ve found the elements to do something great and we know can we turn it into a reality by helping create their identity through what I call High-Level Branding.

Since that first meeting with iVeyo, we have now laid out a plan to conquer a market without competition. Not because of the technology, but because of what iVeyo is about. On top of that, iVeyo has a product replacement warranty and a commitment to customer service that no other company can afford.

The combination of great product features with a commitment to excellence have created a very strong synergy between iVeyo and Andrew DeCarlo Studios that will take both of companies very far.

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