Effective online video marketing is “In Our Genes”

Effective online video marketing is “In Our Genes”

Today, consumers are relying more on the internet than any other source to search for products and services using their home computers, laptops, iPads or their mobile phones. At the same time video is now available on every media device that people carry with them. That is why online video marketing and the application of advanced SEO techniques are now the most important trends in advertising. With the strategic release of clever video posts, keyword press releases and the use of social networks it is possible to create a very effective campaign online that will often get you better results than television, radio and print media combined.

Andrew DeCarlo Studios recently completed a new online video marketing piece for IOG (inourgenes.com), the first genetic art company to produce a clothing line for the mass market.

Darrin Grandmason, founder of In Our Genes is a renowned genetic artist who came up with the idea of putting a face on disease. He did it by developing a green line of apparel featuring artistically-rendered DNA prints of some of the planet’s most notoriously challenging illnesses. A very unique concept that he hopes will make a difference in the lives of those suffering from Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer and Heart Disease among many others.

Andrew DeCarlo Studios has been working with Grandmason since 2009. We have produced a series of online marketing videos to help promote IOG as a brand and raise awareness about the diseases they’re helping eradicate with their exclusive line of T shirts. It has been one of those great collaborations where the client had a very clear idea of what he was looking for but gave us the freedom to create the best interpretation we could come up with. It is in this type of situation that a video production project will run as smooth as it possibly can and the client will get the best results. 

As Creative Director and Producer, my job was to shoot and edit a combination of interviews, product shots and graphics in a way that would convey IOG’s message while reflecting the essence of their brand and what the company is about. The use of subtle animation effects and graphics throughout the video made it a stronger piece without creating a distraction. During the interviews we captured many great moments with very relevant information but could not be all used because of time constraints, so multiple revisions were necessary to choose the best footage. As it happens with a piece of art, taking the time to step back, look at what was done and find what could be improved made a significant difference in the final product.

People often confuse the concept of online video marketing with viral videos, the latter being associated more with funny clips of kids or pets, real life fights or accidents, weird personal blog posts and anything that is highly unusual. All of those certainly get a lot of attention and are used to place ads, but they’re not what online video marketing really means. It is a technique that keeps evolving with internet technology and has almost become a science because of the many tricks and procedures that are involved to make it truly effective. It is certainly more complex than just making a funny home video that randomly becomes an online sensation. Your videos not always have to include comedy or tragedy. Delivering practical information and covering serious topics are also ways of reaching potential customers. And even though you may not get millions of views as a typical viral video does, it will help you reach a more focused target audience, thus making your campaign very effective.

Darrin has a great understanding of the role that online video marketing, SEO and social media have in getting a small business off the ground. By promoting heavily on the social networks and his company’s video channel he’s been able to create a lot of interest in IOG. He has surrounded himself with a really good team and is quickly getting a lot of attention from some well known entities. Grandmason has been called the Father Of Genetic Art by Newsweek Magazine. He has been featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine, Phoenix Business Journal and several television newscasts in Arizona. He also has established partnerships with important organizations like the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA) and The Translational Genomic Research Institute (TGEN) in Phoenix to help fund genetic research by donating a portion of their T Shirt sales.

Darrin  Grandmason is one of those special people that has turned the pain of a personal loss into a force of inspiration that is capable of changing the lives of many individuals and their families throughout the world. His passion as a human being and his vision to take advantage of  the latest online marketing techniques are helping his home-based business get a lot of attention at local and national levels. We wish IOG and their partners all the success they deserve. To learn more about IOG visit: www.inourgenes.com

* Andrew DeCarlo Studios specializes in online advertising using video marketing and advanced SEO techniques. We operate mostly in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami but can help companies all around the country. Our main focus is to create the best product based on our clients’ specific needs while providing world-class customer service at a price you can afford. Visit www.andrewecarlo.com to learn more about how we can help you with your next project or call 818.925.4715 if you have any questions. We are ready to get started.

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  1. Annette Mattern says:

    Excellent explanation of how marketing has changed in the new world of social networking, YouTube, and instant, mobile communications. The work you did with IOG is brilliant!

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