How To Build Credibility For Your Small Business

As a small business owner you can dramatically increase your chances for success if you just build the right creative strategy and use high-quality images and design that will make your brand look like a giant right from the start. Andrew DeCarlo Studios has helped many small business owners build instant credibility by doing just that.

We recently finished a commercial for Alas Designs, LLC, a small family-owned business in Phoenix, Arizona that understands the importance of building a solid image that matches the huge potential of their product: The High Heel Wraps.

Alas Designs, LLC approached Andrew DeCarlo Studios to help create an online commercial that would not only show their product, but would immediately establish credibility in the minds of consumers. We helped them by first shooting catalog photos of their product, which then became the main visuals for a 1 minute commercial that is simple, yet extremely effective. The commercial was viewed over 400 times the first day it was shared on social media.

Photo by Andrew DeCarlo

Catalog Photography For High Heel Wraps by Andrew DeCarlo Studios

The photos and the commercial where specifically designed to go for a general market. The photography style, the models, the background and even the music were all carefully selected to create an image that is appealing to the average consumer. Andrew DeCarlo Studios understands branding and marketing. We will help your business not only with the production of high quality images, but also to make important decisions about how to represent your brand based on your specific goals.

Since their official launch, Alas Designs’ High Heel Wraps have been featured on national and local television shows, trade shows in Arizona and other states, paving the road to a successful future. Andrew DeCarlo Studios supports small businesses. We like being a part of new ideas and collaborate with people who think big by providing key audiovisual and marketing components to make that vision a reality.

To learn more about how Andrew DeCarlo Studios can help your business look like a multi-million dollar operation visit or call 818.925.4715 to setup a free consultation.

We look forward to helping you with your next project.

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