Working With Phoenix Food Stylist Diana Draper

Recently Andrew DeCarlo Studios had the opportunity to work with the best food stylist in Phoenix, Arizona: Diana Draper from Food Styling By Diana (

Phoenix Food Stylist

Food Stylist Diana Draper

She sculpted and decorated an array of amazing-looking burritos for our client Chef Scott, from Latin Fusion Foods who wanted to add to the marketing material and food photos we shot for him before. And although Andrew DeCarlo Studios can provide food-styling services when needed, this time we insisted in bringing a full time food stylist so we could concentrate on our photography and really get the level of detail that a great food stylist like Diana Draper can give you.

Food Photography and Food Styling Phoenix Arizona

Food Photography By Andrew DeCarlo Studios, Styling By Diana Draper, Phoenix Arizona

There’s always power in working with a team of people, each dedicated to the one thing they do best. That’s how the big chains like McDonalds, Denny’s or Taco Bell do it for their menus and marketing materials. And though it comes with a higher price tag, it is always worth to invest in a solid team that will give you high-end results. With our small team, we were able to produce photos that could be next to anything a large franchise has in their menus, and Latin Fusion Foods’ Chef Scott, as many other clients I’ve worked with all agree that high quality photos do the sales work for them. Specially in his case, because of the exotic combination of ingredients he has come up with. It would be very difficult to imagine what any of his food tastes like unless you see the extraordinarily delicious food photos that Andrew DeCarlo Studios created for his catering business.

We produced a video that explains the importance of producing high quality food photos to market a restaurant or catering business. I hope you enjoy it:

To learn more about how Andrew DeCarlo Studios can help you with your food photography project, visit: I work with Food Stylist Diana Draper, who is the best in Phoenix. Very pleasant and very easy to work with. You can check out her work at

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