If you are having problems with Adobe Bridge acting slow and taking forever to do anything try disconnecting from the internet.

I have seen it go from almost not moving to going to super-fast, or I should say to back to normal speed.

I do not know or understand why this works. I don’t consider it an ideal solution since it will create some limitations during production. We need the internet in many cases while were are doing serious work. However, nobody in the forums seems to have any solution that really works. I have not found an answer from Adobe and when I called support they were not able to solve the problem.

I tried installing and re-installing and didn’t work either.

I read in a forum that they are blaming it on MS Windows. I don’t think that’s acceptable.

ADOBE: If you are producing a product to run in certain platform it is YOUR responsibility to solve that problem to your paying customers. This is not Kindergarten. Do not point fingers. Solve the problem and give a solution to your customers soon. You have the best creative products out there, but not the best support, which is part of the whole package and what many people want to pay for.

This problem has been around for at least two years. I still cannot find any other solution on youtube or the forums. If anybody has found one, please feel free to share.

I hope this simple tip helps at least in the short term so you can get some work done.




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