How to open a Premiere CC .prproj file as text in notepad

Short Answer:

Export your Premiere CC project as a Final Cut Pro XML file.

Go to File>Export>Final Cut Pro XML

Open new XML file with Notepad or any text editor.

Being able to open a .prproj file from Premiere is something I’ve needed to do many times. Before CC came out, it was as simple as dragging your .prproj file in Notepad. But apparently they changed the format so you can no longer do this, which to me is very unfortunate.

I found another answer in a forum that said you need to change the file extension to .zip or .gz and then unzip, which totally did not work for me. I still don’t get how that could even work. But then I realized there was an option to export an XML file and that’s what I used.

Sometimes being able to go through the XML text file can help you identify where a lost file was supposed to be located when Premiere is not being able to find it. Your directory name may have changed, or it may have been lost or moved. Opening the XML file in Notepad and then doing a Search or Find on the specific file name will help you find out where the original editing file was trying to locate your lost video or audio asset.

Being able to do this has saved me a lot of time in several occasions, either by telling me where a file is located, where it was supposed to be located, or by making me realize the file is just no longer in my computer, so I could move on to find a different solution to my edit.

I hope this helps you if you ever have this problem.

Happy Editing.


One comment on “How to open a Premiere CC .prproj file as text in notepad
  1. Doron Saar says:

    The tip you got, changing the file extension to GZ, did work for me!

    Thank you!

    (make sure you have 7zip installed, windows don’t know this gz format by itself)

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