Solved Error Message in Premiere …AudioPrefetch.cpp-87

While editing a project in Premiere CS.5.5 I found an error message that really got me worried about my project being corrupted.

The error message says:

Premiere Pro has encountered an error.


I looked online for a solution. Nobody including Adobe had any information about it. A few forums had people asking about the same problem but nobody had a real solution to it. So I went back to the timeline and started messing around with it. I figured out very quickly that the error happened at the exact same spot in the timeline. The first thing I thought was that the audio file was corrupted. However I moved the clip to a different spot in the timeline and noticed the error did not show up again when playing back the same portion of the clip. It occurred to me that it could be that particular spot in the timeline. So I brought a different clip to that same spot. The error happened at the exact same time 07:42:09 in my timeline. I created a new sequence and brought all my clips from the previous one. PROBLEM SOLVED!

So my conclusion is that somehow the timelime was corrupted, not my video clips or the project. I had this problem with a previous project but somehow it ended up going away, so I didn’t pay much attention. But when I started this new edit, I copied the same timeline from my previous sequence because I wanted to keep parts of it that were going to be exactly the same. I guess I brought my corrupted timeline and this time the problem persisted enough that I had to find a solution more consciously. I did.

I wanted to post this in one of the forums, but they don’t make it easy to join and just post in their discussions, which was quite frustrating. So I decided to post it in my own blog. I hope anybody who has this problem finds my blog and is able to solve the problem the same way I did.

Happy Editing!


12 comments on “Solved Error Message in Premiere …AudioPrefetch.cpp-87
  1. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for this post. But can you please explain how exactly you did to solve the problem. I’m having a similar error message and want to try your suggestion. In my case the problem started after a series of power cuts. Only I find your explanation a bit scanty. Please give more details. Thank you.

  2. Willie says:

    I learned a work around on the forums, either collapse all of your audio tracks or set the display mode of the audio track to “show name only”. It has something to do with the audio waveforms and loading the preview of the waveform. Pr cs5.5 was virtually unusable, and now I haven’t gotten one error message. Yet.

    Found this workaround (not the poster) and it seems to work so far. I’ve been running into this problem too.

  3. Marcelo says:

    Thank you, you help me.

  4. Hank says:

    Just ran into that error. Deleted the timeline, problem went away! Thank you so much!

  5. Ryan says:

    We got the same issue in CS6! Your solution solved the problem!! Thanks for sharing! Greetings from The Netherlands

  6. soyeon says:

    super-duper thank you! from korea

  7. Ali Siyam says:

    This worked great for me thanks.
    Premiere Pro CS5 on Windows 7

  8. Jason Thiel says:

    Thank you! Had the same thing in CS6 and it went away with cut/paste of everything to a new sequence.

  9. louis says:

    me I’ve had this error: premiere pro has encountered an error […\..\src\audioRender\StackAudioSubBuffer.cpp-58]

    If someo ne can help me, please!!!
    I use pp cs5

  10. ADi says:

    Thank you man for this :))
    It realy help me

  11. AriStrids says:

    You saved my life! Thank you very much! I was working on a big project and I thought I would have to start again…Thank you..!

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